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SHINee pre-debut photos!

So I've been looking for photos of our boys pre-debut, and it turns out there are a ton, readily available on about a bazillion pre-teen Korean girls' blogs. Some of them I've seen around the comms before, but some were brand new to me, so I've collected and zipped them, and am here to share. You can grab a zip for one particular member, or one big one with everything. :)

Some of these are family photos, many are school photos, and a couple are clearly from trainee days (like the ones of Key and Jonghyun together, or where Key's hair is SM-pretty). Some of Minho and Taemin are probably post-debut, too, but they're in school uniform, so. ♥ If anyone has any that I missed, let me know!

JONGHYUN - 13 MB - 109 images, including:
5 gifs
1 baby photo
5 photos of Jonghyun in drag, including one where he's kissing another boy in drag, except it's nowhere as exciting as it sounds.
A TON of selcas...
Proof that Jonghyun's always been a gorgeous camera whore.

KEY - 4 MB - 58 images, including:
Key at Universal Studios (!?)
A handful of elementary school photos.
Proof that Key used to be awkward and chubby. ♥

ONEW - 4 MB - 42 images, including:
Onew sangtae...
Mostly school-related stuff.
Proof that Onew has the same haircut now that he had when he was 12.

MINHO - 3 MB - 34 images, including:
1 gif
3 family photos
1 photo of Minho and classmates in pig-patterned pajamas, striped socks, and rubber gloves. Uhhh?
Proof that Minho was born with the model gene, yikes. ♥

TAEMIN - 2.5 MB - 29 images, including:
1 baby photo (with his brother?)
2 caps from his audition tape
A bunch of school stuff.
Proof that Taemin is, like, four years old, and should be at home with his mom right now. D:

or EVERYONE - 27 MB - 272 files, 265 different images.

(Hahaha, Jonghyun is going to be short forever~)

Alternately, you can hit up a Naver or Daum, and type in "샤이니" (or your favorite member's name) and "과거" ("past").
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